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Holy Salsa Batman! J-Lo Can Really Shake Her Rump

KK-OK May 26, 2011

It seems like everyone on earth wih access to a TV tuned into the finale of American Idol last night.  Someone won, someone lost, Beyonce is an angel, everyone danced, tears, yadda yadda.  But lets take a moment to review THIS RUMP SHAKING by J.Lo while husband Marc Anthony crooned, shall we?

This woman's just got "it."  At 41-years old, Jennifer Lopez seemed to have no problem hopping up on stage in front of a bajillion people on a televised broadcast in a little fringed leotard, some high heels, and shake her money maker like nobody's bidness.  That's all.

What do you guys think?  Was it just too much?  Or are you like me, wishing I could rock out like that?

Beyonce, Lady Gaga, J.Lo's Derriere and Contestant Romance: The American Idol Finale

KK-OK May 26, 2011 Originally by amypiehoneybunch

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Seventeen-year old singer Mr. Scotty McCreery is our new American Idol. We had two options: country OR country. Although the results were predictable, the two-hour extravaganza was chock full of A-list performances:

We got a double dose of Beyonce, who if you haven't noticed has been KILLING IT lately. She performed her hit "Crazy in Love" and debuted her new single "1+1":

Lady Gaga practically simulated sex with a backup dancer during a somewhat risque performance of "Edge of Glory":

The fallen idols from this season came back last night to perform with their famous counterparts and really got to showcase their talent.


Haley Reinhard and Tony Bennett sang "Steppin' Out With My Baby":

Casey Abrams and Jack Black sing Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls":

Last night we got to see two out of three judges hit the stage. Marc Anthony, the modern day Ricky Ricardo, performed with his wife and muse J.Lo, who shook her thing on stage with him. J.Lo reminded us that she is and always will be a great dancer:

Steven Tyler whipped out one of his greatest hits, "Dream On," showing America that he's still got it:

Finally the moment we've all been waiting for... THE RESULTS:

WAIT! Did Scotty and Lauren just kiss? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Lauren stated: "he might be my boyfriend, ask him!" and when they finally did, Scotty said he was still basically single and ready to mingle. What's the deal with that?

Who was your favorite performer of the night? Do you think Scotty McCreery deserved to win Idol?



Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry, Pee-Wee and Smurfs: This Is Gonna Be Good

KK-OK May 25, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry (as Smurfette!), George Lopez, Hank Azaria, Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman), Sofia Vergara and a host of other actors are starring in the upcoming "The Smurfs" movie and I have to admit, I am kind of stoked.  Ever since Neil Patrick Harris re-appeared on TV in "How I Met Your Mother" after the looong post "Doogie Howser M.D." hiatus, I've been eager to watch anything else he does - yes that means I even watched the super cheesy Emmy's that he hosted!

In the new Smurf movie, Neil plays a regular guy who ends up helping the Smurfs escape the clutches of the evil wizard Gargamel (Azaria) but not before they torture him by making him look silly at work or mess with his relationship.  I suppose he'll save the Smurfs like James Marsden's character in "Hop" helped the Easter Bunny (played by Katy Perry's husband Russel Brand), or the way Jason Lee's character, Dave, helped Alvin and the Chipmunks, or countless other cartoon characters who've been saved by a human.  But this will be different, ok?

Or maybe it won't.  Watch the trailer and see for yourself.  


Are you excited to see "The Smurfs"?


Remembering wrestling's "Macho Man" - R.I.P. Randy Savage

KK-OK May 20, 2011 Originally by paulgargano

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Growing up, I can't remember not loving professional wrestling. It wasn't on every night of the week, there weren't monthly pay per views that cost more to watch than you'd make working two days at a part-time job, and it still embraced subtleties and nuances, rather than bombastic pomp and over-the-top circumstances. 

Randy "Macho Man" Savage was instrumental in changing that.

My parents probably don't know this, but it was my grandmother who really got me into professional wrestling. She was Polish (the only of my four grandparents that wasn't Italian), and she loved Ivan "The Polish Hammer" Putski. As legend has it, she broke the arm off a chair watching him wrestle one time - because that's what wrestling meant in the '70s. 

If you were Italian, Bruno Sammartino was to wrestling what Joe Dimaggio was to baseball. Pedro Morales was there for Latinos, and Bob Backlund was our squeaky clean, red-white-and-blue champion who would never cheat to win, and would never fight dirty until his opponents forced his hand. [Unrelated aside: I swam competitively against his daughter, with him sitting in the stands!] The Grand Wizard, Freddie Blassie and Captain Lou Albano were diabolical managers who represented everything bad in the world, while Arnold Skaaland was their baby-faced counterpart, crusading against their conniving, back-handed ways with a work ethic that epitomized the prevailing spirit of blue collar America. 

The bad guys back then were truly bad guys, and you never cheered for them. It wasn't allowed. But today, "Magnificent" Don Muraco would be the people's hero with his smug arrogance and cocky swagger, and fans would give Blackjack Mulligan an ovation to see his leather claw turn an opponent's head into a bloody cheese grater. I remember crying when Superstar Billy Graham tore Bob Backlund's championship belt in half, and I can still remember the horror, shock and seething hatred I felt when Captain Lou Albano turned on his greatest heel, pulverizing Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka with his own South Pacific headband before Ray "The Crippler" Stevens piledrived him twice into the bloodied concrete floor.

At the time, wrestling was restricted to black and white televisions with bunny ear antennas. My parents didn't want me staying up until midnight to watch, but I watched anyway. Sometimes the reception was so bad all I could do was listen. Sometimes I had to watch with the volume off so my parents couldn't hear. But I always had to watch. I used to love when my grandmother would babysit because I could stay up late and watch with her in the living room.   

That was before Randy Savage. 

In my mind, he and Hulk Hogan represented the end of an era and the dawn of another. The Hulkster and Macho Man brought wrestling out of black and white and into color - off of local affiliate channel 9's overnight and into NBC prime time. It was the vision of Vince McMahon Jr, carried out on the backs and charisma of his wrestlers.

And Macho Man was the manifestation of charisma. He was Gorgeous George, Superstar Billy Graham and an '80s rock star, all rolled into one. And when he anointed Miss Elizabeth his manager, the WWF's first Diva was born. That's what I love most about the clip above - it is everything Randy "Macho Man" Savage helped wrestling become. 

It is not a barrage of coconuts to the head, it is three minutes of theater building to the Honky Tonk Man's guitar pop. Professional wrestling went from carnival attraction to three ring circus. From gray and grainy to neon technicolor. From Cold War simplicity to turn-of-the-millennium complexity. From sport to entertainment.

In my lifetime, professional wrestling has been a mirror of American culture - and today, with the passing of Randy "Macho Man" Savage, that mirror sustained a horrible crack.

Rest in peace, Randy...

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio An Item?

KK-OK May 17, 2011

Now this is a Hollywood couple rumor i can get into!

Newly single Leonardo DiCaprio has been rumored about town in LA and now in Cannes with Green Lantern and Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively.  DiCaprio just broke up with longtime model girlfriend Bar Rafaeli and if we know anything about his tastes, tall blondes are definitely on trend for the actor. 

Page Six, US Weekly and Perez Hilton have reported on the two being spotter together including a dinner date they had with director Baz Luhrmann, who is directing Leo in the upcoming Great Gatsby film. Page Six also claims the two were later spotted alone at a hotel together.

In come the Cannes yacht photos below!  Leo and Blake were spotted sailing (or is it "yachting?") with Steven Spielberg and Lukas Haas on a private yacht in Cannes, France where the infamous Cannes Film Festival is currently taking place.

Judge for yourself.  What do you body language experts think?  Is it ON or are they just friends?

Eliza Doolittle Says She's A Cat Person Who Doesn't Recommend Breaking Up Via Texting

KK-OK May 13, 2011

Adorable. British pop star Eliza Doolittle recently did an interview with MTV where she answered questions while playing that old school board game "Operation."  During the interview Eliza reveals how she got her name, that she's a day dreamer who didn't like school, that she digs cats and that you shouldn't break up with someone over text message.  Agreed!  She's also got one of those perfect accents that makes you wish you grew up in Englad saying "cheerio, lets go for a pint and some fish and chips" and whanot.

Check out the video below, also featured on MTV's Buzzworthy blog

Eliza Doolittle - MTV Shows

Eliza Doolittle released her debut self-titled album last year in the UK.  The first single on the album was titled "Skinny Genes" and was followed by "Pack-Up," "Rollerblades," and "Mr. Medicine," which you can watch below.

Are you guys Eliza Doolittle fans?

Ashton Kutcher Confirmed As Charlie Sheen Replacement In Two And A Half Men

KK-OK May 12, 2011

Latest news is that Ashton Kutcher, not Hugh Grant (as rumored yesterday), will be replacing Charlie Sheen on 'Two And A Half Men'!

According to E! Online at 7pm "CBS and Warner Bros. aren't commenting on the speculation, but no one is denying it either."

But just moments earlier Deadline Hollywood confirmed:

Ashton also tweeted "Whats the square root of 6.25?"  The answer?  2.5!!!  Get it?  Two and a half = 2.5!!  So seems like a done deal right?  Or is 2.5 a referrence to how many millions he will make per episode?

What do you guys think of the choice?  The other options that were floated around were Rob Lowe, Woddy Harrelson, Hugh Grant, Jeremy Piven and John Stamos.  Do you guys think any of those would have been better?

Bridesmaids (The Movie) Wants You To Bridesmaids Yourself

KK-OK May 12, 2011

Bridesmaids hits theaters tomorrow and in case you missed what critics are saying about it on billboards, radio stations and in newspapers and magazines across the country, here's a taste:

"It definitively proves that women are the equal of men in vulgarity, sexual frankness, lust, vulnerability, overdrinking and insecurity." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

"Kristen Wiig is an indisputable goddess of comedy. This rowdy fem-friendship movie she stars in and wrote with Annie Mumolo is infused with the Wiig brand of wicked mischief." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"This might be a turning point in feminism and comedy, provided that both sexes can embrace it." Mary F Pols, Time Magazine

"..turning point in feminism.."?  Wow, I dont think I've seen a statement that bold about a chick flick since A League Of Their Own

But all the praise hasn't stopped those fancy marketers at Universal from busting out a few neat tricks to help further sell us on what's clearly going to be a pretty hilarious two hours.  Now you can "Bridesmaids" yourself and your friends straight into the trailer of the movie.  You can upload your pics and voila, you too are part of the femme-hilarity. Check it out HERE

If you were one of the cast, which would you be? 

A. The Blushing Bride?

B. The Maid of Dishonor?

C. Little Miss Perfect?

D. The Wild Card?

E. The Innocent One?

F.  The Real Mother?

D.R.U.G.S Addicted To Tiny Wings That Blow Sparks Out Of Their Butts: LOLs Ensue.

KK-OK May 12, 2011

Post hardcore band, D.R.U.G.S (which stands for Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows) recently sat down with the folks of MTV's Buzzworthy blog only to reveal that guitarist, Nick Martin rocks out to Ke$ha and that the entire band is into Tiny Wings, a game app where you have to try to fly with teeny tiny wings and apparently various sparks fly out of your bootie at some point too! 

Peep the video below and then you can head over to MTV Buzzworthy to check out a few more vids they shot with the band.

D.R.U.G.S. - MTV Shows

If you want to catch a D.R.U.G.S show this summer, they'll be on the Vans Warped Tour.  Buzznet is collaborating with the Vans Warped Tour this year on all sorts of fun projects including hosting a tour community (join now!) and bringing you tons of exclusive content including Betty Rocker's Guide To Tour Cookery which will bring you recipes directly from bands cooking in makeshift kitchens on the road.  For a tasty sample, check out this cooking video produced by So Long Arletta which will make your mouth water, I promise! 

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kiss On Camera!

KK-OK May 09, 2011

Apparently the fans in Jakarta, Indonesia have more sway over Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez than American fans.  Maybe its because our fans threaten to beat Selena up for dating Biebs while in Indonesia they want nothing more than to see the couple cuddle. 

Remember this?

Back in March after a dinner for his 17th birthday, Selena was attacked by Bieber fans while heading back to their car from Maggiano's restaurant at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Despite the stress that PDA caused before, while at a press conference in Jakarta, the young couple was asked to kiss and they shyly obliged. Peep the vid.

How do you feel about Justin and Selena dating?  Jealous?  Don't care?  Happy for them?  Sound off!

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